Fire detection

Our team of technicians, accredited by the requisite fire detection regulatory bodies are competent and experienced in the installation, testing, commissioning, fault finding and innovative programming of fire detection installations of various manufacturer types, namely: Ziton, Technoswitch, Xtralis, SigmaTec, Bosch etc.

Our team of technicians, cablers, installers and commissioners have delivered fire detection and fire alarm systems compliant with standards such as: SANS 10139, SANS 246, NFPA 72, BS 5839.

Fire hydrant and Hose-reel installations

Standard Fire specializes in the design, fabrication, installation, testing and maintenance of hydrant and hose reel systems. Ensuring that systems meet specifications and quality requirements is a component that is central to our company’s delivery policy.

Locally complying with standards such as SANS Part T, SANS 543, SANS 10105-1, SANS 10400 Part W, SANS 1475 ensures high quality output, for every installation.

Fire extinguishers

Hand-held fire extinguishers are often seen as the first line of defense in any fire scenario. Building occupants and first responders alike often turn to hand-held fire extinguishers due to the ease by which the appliance can be operated. It is imperative that the correct appliance is utilized for the correct fire class. Knowledgeable in these matters, Standard Fire offer various industries with expert advice relating to the fire extinguishers. From mobile to portable units, Standard Fire supply, install and maintain all types of fire extinguishers, such as: foam, CO2, dry-chemical powder etc.

Fire stopping

Maintaining control of a fire outbreak is critical to successful fire-fighting and extinguishment. Fire divisions are specified by rational fire designers and engineers – and to ensure that these fire divisions perform adequately in a fire condition, it is critical that all penetrations in fire division walls are adequately sealed to protect against the spread of fire by phenomena such as flashover, backdraft, and simple creep along a combustible material. Standard Fire offer fire stopping solutions for all applications. Incorporating intumescent products, rockwool and fire-rated sealants, Standard Fire are specialist installers and advisors of tested products and compounds to ensure that, at minimum, the correct fire stop is prescribed and installed for the assessed risk.

Gaseous Fire Suppression

The reliability of a gaseous fire suppression system cannot be adequately emphasized. With these systems often installed in data centres, server and equipment rooms for guarantee of fire extinguishment – it is of the utmost importance that these systems are designed, installed, tested and commissioned with precision. Standard Fire get this, and provide gaseous fire suppression systems that make commercial sense in terms of proportionality to risk, safety to room occupants, clean-up operations and reliable fit-for-purpose goals of the client. Standard Fire specialize in the provision of NOVEC 1230 ozone-friendly gas installations and the integration of these gaseous fire suppression systems with the supporting fire detection infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and ease of procedural navigation for day-to-day occupants.


Over and above, the common plumbing maintenance issues faced by many commercial facilities and residential homes and complexes, such as leaky pipes, our team of registered plumbers and wet services designers are competent in:

  • Design and specification of bulk potable water storage and distribution
  • Adherence and advise regarding the National Building Regulations relating to plumbing works
  • SANS 10254 – Hot water systems consultation and application
  • Leak detection and isolation
  • Proposal of effective plumbing solutions
  • Water pipe reticulation installations and associated inline equipment installations – such as valves, expansion mechanisms, flexible couplings etc.
  • Drain blockages: rodding and camera inspections
  • As-built site surveying and performance analysis
  • Water quality analysis i.e. Legionella
  • Sanitary fitting and appliance installations
  • New build and refurbishment of Ablution blocks
  • Certificate of Compliance: Plumbing
  • Responsive: 24 hour, 7 days a week